Memorial of Inhabitants of the District of Columbia, Praying for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia


23d Congress, 2d Session

Ho. of Reps.

[Doc. No. 140.]

Memorial of Inhabitants of the District of Columbia, Praying for the gradual abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia.

March 24, 1828.
Referred to the Committee for the District of Columbia.

February 9, 1835.
Ordered, On motion of Mr. Hubbard, of New Hampshire, to be printed, with the names thereto attached.

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled:

We, the undersigned, citizens of the counties of Washington and Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, beg leave to call the attention of your honorable body to an evil of serious magnitude, which greatly impairs the prosperity and happiness of this District, and casts the reproach of inconsistency upon the free institutions established among us.

While the laws of the United States denounce the foreign slave trade as piracy, and punish with death those who are found engaged in its perpetration, there exists in this District, the seat of the National Government, a domestic slave trade, scarcely less disgraceful in its character, and even more demoralizing in its influence. For this is not, like the former, carried on against a barbarous nation; its victims are reared up among the people of this country, educated in the precepts of the same religion, and imbued with similar domestic attachments.

These people are, without their consent, torn from their homes; husband and wife are frequently separated and sold into distant parts; children are taken from their parents, without regard to the ties of nature; and the most endearing bonds of affection are broken forever.

Nor is this traffic confined to those who are legally slave for life. Some who are entitled to freedom, and many who have a limited time to serve, are sold into unconditional slavery; and, owing to the defectiveness of our laws, they are generally carried out of the District before the necessary steps can be taken for their release.


We behold these scenes continually taking place among us, and lament our inability to prevent them. The people of this District have, within themselves, no means of legislative redress; and we therefore appeal to your honorable body, as the only one invested by the American constitution with the power to relieve us.

Nor is it only from the rapacity of slave traders that the colored race in this District are doomed to suffer. Even the laws which govern us, sanction and direct, in certain cases, a procedure that we believe is unparalleled, in glaring injustice, by any thing at present known among the Governments of Christendom. An instance of the operation of these laws, which occurred during the last summer, we will briefly relate.

A colored man, who stated that he was entitled to freedom, was taken up as a runaway slave, and lodged in the jail of Washington city. He was advertised, but no one appearing to claim him, he was, according to law, put up at public auction for the payment of his jail fees, and sold as a slave for life! He was purchased by a slave trader, who was not required to give security for his remaining in the District, and he was, soon after, shipped at Alexandria for one of the southern States. An attempt was made by some benevolent individuals to have the sale postponed until his claim to freedom could be investigated; but their efforts were unavailing; and thus was a human being sold into perpetual bondage at the capital of the freest Government on earth, without even a pretence of trail or an allegation of crime.

We blush for our country while we relate this disgraceful transaction, and we would fain conceal it from the world, did not its very enormity inspire us with the hope that it will rouse the philanthropist and the patriot to exertion. We have no hesitation in believing your honorable body never intended that this odious law should be enforced; it was adopted with the old code of Maryland, from which, we believe, it has been expunged since this District was ceded to the General Government.

The fact of its having been so recently executed, shows the necessity of this subject being investigated by a power which we confidently hope will be ready to correct it.

We are aware of the difficulties that would attend any attempt to relive us from these grievances by a sudden emancipation of the slaves in this District, and we would, therefore, be far from recommending so rash a measure. But the course pursued by many of the States of this confederacy, that have happily succeeded in relieving themselves from a similar burden, together with the bright example which has been set us by the South American republics, proves, most conclusively, that a course of gradual emancipation, to commence at some fixed period, and to take effect only upon those who may thereafter be born or removed into the District, may be pursued without detriment to the present proprietors, and would greatly redound to the prosperity and honor of our country.

The existence among us of a distinct class of people who, by their condition as slaves, are deprived of almost every incentive to virtue and industry, and shut out from many of the sources of light and knowledge, has an evident tendency to corrupt the morals of the people, and to damp the spirit of enterprise, by accustoming the rising generation to look with contempt upon honest labor, and to depend for support too much upon the labor of others. It prevents a useful and industrious class of people from   settling among us, by rendering the means of subsistence more precarious to the laboring class of whites.

It diminishes the resources of the community, by throwing the earning so the poor into the coffers of the rich; thus rendering the former dependent, servile and improvident; while the latter are tempted to become, in the same proportion, luxurious and prodigal.

That these disastrous results flow from the existence of slavery among us is sufficiently conspicuous, when we contrast the languishing condition of this District, and the surrounding country, with the prosperity of those parts of the Union which are less favored in point of climate and location, but blessed with a free and industrious population.

We would, therefore, respectfully pray that these grievances may claim the attention of your honorable body, and that a law of Congress may be enacted, declaring that all children of slaves, born in the District of Columbia after the fourth day of July, eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, shall be free at the age of twenty-five years; and that those laws, which authorize the selling of supposed runaways for their prison fees or maintenance, maybe repealed.

And, also, that laws may be enacted to prevent slaves from being removed into this District, or brought in for sale, hire or transportation; without, however, preventing members of Congress, resident strangers, or travellers, from bringing and taking away with them their domestic servants.

Jonathan Elliot R. G. Lanphier Thomas Donoho
Henry Burdick Richard Wright J. Harbaugh
B. Thruston W. Gunton Solomon Hubbard
W. Cranch R. Kirkwood Robert McCulloch
Thos. L. Thruston Samuel Chester Wm. Thumlert
Samuel Bacon E. Arnold Wm. Ward
Charles Bell P. Mauro John Stettinius
John Ellis Richard Phillips W. Harper
James H. Lowry Wm. G. W. White Charles B. Davis
Henry Prather Walter Clarke Stephen Y. Leyland
Robert Beal John Dix J. C. Dawes
M. Shaut G. C. Grammer Samuel Clark
Ezekiel Young George W. Spangler Samuel Wells
A. H. Young Thomas Pursell Jonas Newell
John Scrivener J. D. Boteler John Waters
John Boyle W. M. Morrison Luke Richardson
Wm. Ford I. L. Skinner N. W. Fales
John Este D. A. Hall Wm. Owner
Christian Buckley M. Rearden W. H. Mauro
Ralph Charlton E. Jones N. B. Keen
B. Chambers Wm. Dougherty Enoch Tucker
George Savage Richard Ballard S. P. Franklin
Charles Huntt George M. Tubman R. W. Hornor
Jacob Leonard George Parker Thomas C. Wells
Nathaniel Mullikin A. B. Waller John H. Gibbs
James Galt Atcheson Thompson James Riordan
D. M. Wilson John Thompson John Smith
J. Gideon, Jun. John Green Ch. W. Goldsborough
Alex. McIntire James Gaither Jacob Kleiber
James H. Handy Thos. Wilson John Weaver
Saml. Harkness J. Mecklin John Thompson
Josias Taylor James Druet John Hanly
Jno. N. Moulder Jos. Shaw John Sibley
Jno. Barcroft L. Kervand Coye Anderson
Wm. O'Neale Charles Litle Philip Boyle
Christian Hines John Usher John Miller
John Smith C. W. Patterson Valentine Pierce
John Rawling, Jr. W. P. McKelden Wm. Maul
Jas. Godfrey Reuben Collin Alexander Borland
Andrew Hoover N. Brashears Louis S. Tchiffely
B. W. Maul John C. Remmele John Burke
Patk. Leyne Geo. W. Dashiell Jacob Hines
Saml. Redfern Th. B. Dashiell Elijah Ourand
Samuel Brooks Jas. Moore, Pr. Bernard Herty
Samuel Stott J. W. M. Cobb Nathaniel C. Pugh
Thomas Wetherald James McClery Jacob C. Tull
Wm. Coolidge, Jr. John B. Patterson Nathaniel T. Davis
Thomas Lundy Alex'r McDonald Charles Irwin
Thomas Thistlethwaite Wm. Mackey George H. Fulmer
Thos. Smith James D. Woodside Abijah Swallow
Saml. Smoot Edgar Patterson John N. Lovejoy, Sen.
John Cook George Beal William R. Campbell
David Hines William Coltman John C. Gabler
Saml. Hines James Nowlan Andrew Stinger
David Davis Fred. Turton John Stinger
James Williams Thos. Barclay Matthias Stinger
Jno. Williams Thos. Gardner John Tobin
George Thompson Joseph Cooper John Knoblock
E. Washington Oliver James Graves John F. Stinger
G. T. Rhodes James M. Rardom F. Stinger
Leonard Ashton Louis Graves B. Williamson
Richd. Wills Samuel Drury, Jr. Thompson Shard
George Lamb Obediah Moss Thomas Herbert
Wm. Langton William McCoy Ignatius Free
James Carriet John Dewdney John Cumberland
George Parker J. H. B. Lee Wm. Girdinston
Wm. Keef Jo. L. Kecher James Murry
Frederick Hines Levi Washburn William Didenhover
Robt. McCoy Robt. Ellis Isaac Draper
Tho. J. Dallam H. Brodbeck Robert L. Didenhover
James C. Haughey James Frere Thomas Hunter
Wm. Mechlin R. T. Queen Henry Hines
John D. Cox B. L. Beall Thomas T. Parker
Thomas Edwards John Brannan Avery E. Smoot
Lewis Dean Wm. S. Allison Charles Dean
Charles Calvert Daniel Brown T. E. Scott
John Kavanaugh Thos. Arbuckle R. Woodward
John Street John C. Harkness Geo. A. Adams
R. S. Briscoe John W. Cannon John Connor
Tho. Fillebrown, Jr. Warren Carpenter Joel Cruttenden
Samuel McKenney Richard Elliott Peter Johnson
W. Redin Samuel Sutton William Johnson
Thos. C. Wright Eli Palmer Samuel Harkness, Jr.
John White Wm. Didenhover John Brackenridge
Thos. Hoskinson Jno. N. Waters Gideon Beall
Richard Cropley Leonard Ellis Job B. Mills
Charles E. Eckel John S. Nevius Wm. Thomson, Jr.
W. Noyes Jos. S. Collins John R. Hews
Jos. Brooks James Birth Henry Chamberlin
Henry Addison Zachariah Smoot Benjamin Burgess
Fra. Knott Robert Simons John Hoover
James Thomas Thomas Towers David Hoover
Sedly Woodward Augusta Davis John Ricksuker
Charles Boteler F. Davis George G. Shaw
Thomas Orme Robert White Calvert Roszel
Frederick Garner Richard Davis Richard Glover
R. Moore J. S. Morsell, as to his own rights and property, but none others. Basil Ragon
Levin D. Miles W. Lang
Southey Parker Francis Doyle
Andrew Collingwood Wm. C. Atwater Joseph Milligan
Wm. Goss James Kennedy Grafton Lowell
Edmund Hanly John Claxton Ignatius Newton
John Hutchison Henry Gaither Levin Cartwright
John Goodrich Henry Pyfer Arnold Boone
John Mattingly J. Carter, Jr. Matthew Mitchel
William Powers Jacob Carter, Sen. David Hughes
Jos. Beardsley Daniel Stevens Samuel Cunningham
Samuel Brereton Moore Dickson Michael Sardo
F. Lowndes Sampson Avard John Wilson
John Woodside, Washington city, a place of merchandise in human beings!!! M. Adler Patrick Donnoghue
Jno. Lutz James L. Edwards
J. Dickson Jacob Hilbus
Jeremiah Orme John M. Moore
Benj. Harrison D. English J. N. Campbell
S. Handy, Jr. Joel Brown J. Wells, Jr.
S. McKean Samuel Tucker David Young
A. Ferguson Thomas B. Griffin Jos. P. McCorkle
John N. Lovejoy, Jr. H. Yerkes D. H. Haskell
Benjamin Sibley A. R. Watson Richard Cutts
Mos. Martin Tho. Carbery H. S. Gardiner
John Curl Charles Schley Hiram Jenkins
Louis Frank his x mark Henry Schley L. Brooks
Lemuel Williams Archibald Thompson Jos. Mountz
George Esling James Hutchinson L. Edwards
John Wise J. S. Scott Edward Douglass
Danl. Moore Wm. W. Scott Geo. Lowry
Wm. Peake Levin Belt Daniel Baker
Thos. Thorpe Robert King John T. Tracy
Geo. Macdaniel Joseph Marechal John G. Jones
James C. Dunn Lewis Salomon John Hepburn
Alexr. Suter James Hutton James Harthow
W. Engleman John Collingwood John Eslin
Peter Callan John D. Vowell
Henry Eckardt J. R. Janney
John A. Knott S. W. Smith
Charles Cumberland Josiah H. Davis
Joseph Higdon Wm. Morgan
John Taylor David Martin
Nathan Moore Wm. A. Williams
James Ord, as regards his own rights and property, but none others. Thomas Mount
James Lyles
Adam Lynn
Thomas Sanford
James Kelly Geo. Gilliss, provided that the slaves when liberated shall emigrate to the settlement of Liberia, at their own, or the expense of either the Abolition or Colonization Society, or that of the Government, as the case may be; but they must leave the United States. Robert W. Hunter
W. Brown Luther Chamberlain
Samuel Rose, Sen. Geo. Johnson
Charles O'Neill Samuel Mark
Silas Moore John P. Coroman
John Wilson Elisha Talbott
G. Cozens Abijah Janney
Julius Watkins Tho. Jacobs
Roland Clapp Wm. Stabler
Abraham Hines John Douglass
Wm. Godfrey Daniel McLeod
Wm. R. Spalding William Price
W. Wade Kinzey Griffith
Chas. Tilley E. French - Their freedom at 25, coupled with the condition that they leave the district. Simon Dearborn
Francis King J. H. White
U. F. Hyde John H. Mark
Thomas McDonnell John Green
William Ingman A. M. Laub - Their freedom at 25, coupled with the condition that they leave the District immediately thereafter. A. D. Harmon
William Thos. Cole Charles Pascoe
William L. Newton John Creighton
John Tretler Levi Pickering
Thos. H. Beall Thos. Stelle
Alexander Scott Richd. Rock
John Coppersmith Stephen B. Balch Robt. Hodgkin
Noble Hurdle John Boose Harrison Bradley
George Upperman Henry Whitcroft Moses O. B. Cawood
George Cilar J. Meohlin, Jr. William L. Gibson
George Upperman, Jr. James G. Jones John Major
Abraham Stoner Thomas Conner Richd. D. Emerson
Robert S. Clements John Milburns Silas Veitch
Joseph Cogswell Jonah Thompson William Campbel
Thos. Holtzman, Con. Bernard Bryan R. A. Bowie
Alexander S. Littlejohn Danl. Bryan R. R. Gurley
Joseph Jackson Reuel Keith Benj. B. Beall
S. B. Balch Tho. Semmes John P. Van Ness is opposed to the trade, though he knows nothing of the case of the colored man sold for fees, &c.
Adam Young, Jr. Benj. Baden
Thomas Dove Gery Atkinson
John Robinson W. Bartleman
James Leander Cathcart, provided that the slaves, when liberated, shall emigrate to the settlement of Liberia, at their own expense, if able, if not, at the expense of either the Abolition or Colonization Society, or the Government, as the case may be; but they must emigrate. Thos. Vowell
Jas. Vansant
Isaac Cannell Wm. Reynolds
Cary Pratt Elias Harrison Samuel Peach
C. P. Thompson Solomon Parsons John Steiner
F. Peyton Mordecai Miller George Umbaugh
John J. Sayrs Samuel Plummer John Glasco
Horatio Day Jonathan Shillaber Daniel Serrin
Presley Jacobs Ezra Lunt Henry Cross
Jacob Baugh Charles Mankin Jonathan Chapman
John C. Mundell Thomas Smith Washington Lewis
John Wood James P. Coleman James Troth
Thos. L. Martin Isaac Kell John Kippon
Jas. Douglass, Jr. J. W. Fairclough Robert Barnes
Benj. Barton Thomas Drury John N. Macer
A. O. Douglass George Drinker Robert Earl
Jno. M. Johnson Joseph Janney J. Maul
Robert H. Miller Basil B. Hopkins William A. Collins
Thomas Taylor Samuel Isaacs Alexander C. Moore
Wm. Veitch John Grubb Massam W. Moore
John B. Hancock Benjamin S. Kinsey James Thompson, Jr.
N. S. Wise Daniel Cawood Daniel Hines
A. P. Gower Jon. Ross George Wattles
Wm. Lanphier Nath. Perry [Illegible]
Edw'd Sheehy John Rodgers John Connell
Lincoln Chamberlain Edward Smyth Erasimus Ashton
Phineas Janney Benoni Wheat W. H. Bonvue
John W. Massie Ephraim Evans Thomas G. Moore
Job Guest Daniel Evans Jeremiah Crown
T. Waugh John Roach Thomas Riggles
J. Shackelford William Patterson J. Simpson
John M. Monroe H. R. Whitney John Dailey
John Harper Samuel Baggett George Dailey
Wm. L. Kennedy J. R. Riddle Isaac Wilson
James Entwisle Alexander Perry William Simkins
Robert L. White Reid Cross Peter Williams
Hiram Youst Charles Kooms Andrew Danby
Benj. Waters Hugh M. Logan William Parker
Robt. Munro Levi Hurdle Christopher Cammack
John Patten Jos. Euches Nathan Edmonston
Wm. Foret Gerrard Plummer James Lewis
Samuel B. Shreve John Snyder Josiah Esseg
Jonathan Field W. C. Walton John Wilson
Oliver Field H. Wilbar Elias E. Williams
James Clare O. L. Morse George Mattingly
Daniel Riggs R. A. Rudd Jarrett Taylor
David Price W. H. Miller John Barry
Geo. H. Smoot Samuel M. Janney Henry Ryan
E. Corning Benjamin Hallowell John Courteney
George Jacobs James Atkinson John Hines, Sen.
Edward Goodwin A. Faw Robert M. Harrison
Stephen Shinn Samuel Wheeler J. Douglas
James Thomas T. C. Tuley Thomas I. Mudd
Wm. C. Spilman John Girt Thomas F. Harkness
John R. Mills Samuel Janney Peter Cox
Joseph Boteler William Markward Thomas White
Peter Davis Henry Bishop James Bowen
John W. Queen William Bage Edward Sweeny
John Hillyard Alexander Beedle Bernard Gideny
William Paradise W. Wannall D. Butler, Jr.
Thomas S. Bingey William Matthews John B. Ferguson
Philip Williams Ethan Allen Joseph Borrows
C. Beatly Wm. Ryland Wm. Elder
Enoch Spalding Wm. D. Acken Edward W. Clark
William Coleman John Kelly Alexander McWilliams
B. O. Shekell Edward Barry E. Baldwin
R. Burch James Martin John Carothers
James Watson John Judge Daniel Page
John R. Watson Wm. Easby Wm. Thompson
E. Shey Thomas Lyndall James Ewell
John Guthrie Mordecai Booth John Pic
Joseph Thorpe Geo. Adams Jehu Bayne
David Hope Samuel Hilton Daniel G. Hickey
Wm. McPherson John Nowland John H. Smoot
Josias M. Speake James Owner D. Vermillion
Thomas S. Dorrall Wm. Speiden Richard O. Hare
Thomas E. Baker Jo. Ratcliff Robert Armistead
Dison Moran Henry Aukward Henry Tirtjen
Francis Godfrey Robert Clarke Thomas M. Scholfield
Phill. Tracy Joseph Herbert Samuel B. Ellis
Aquilia Banister James Danford Philemon Moss
Philip Hines Wm. Emack George Duckworth
John Drum David Our Thomas Fogles
Levy Biggs Jeremiah Keily James Suallan
Samuel Cross James Marshall James Crandle
Arthur Pritchard Rollin H. Neale Philip Otterback
James Adams Robert Brown George Venable
G. W. Hanes James Douglas John M. Green
G. H. Jones James Martin Walter Armstrong
Smith Luciford James Nairn Jeremiah Perkins
J. Peters Robert Isherwood James Bury
Charles Jones William Sutherland George Collard
John J. Sothvan Thomas McIntosh Wm. Doughty
Daniel Reintzel Francis Hanna John Stillins
Thomas Henson Thomas Howard Robert Clarke
William Mead Moses Shelton George Bean
Samuel Rainey William Walker Benjamin Bean
Daniel Rhea James Friend Griffith Coombs
George Wise M. D. C. Marsh Wm. A. Smallwood
John G. Berry John Van Riswick George Scott
Jesse Fox Clement T. Coote Wm. Hawley
Louis Vivans John Chase John McChicand
William Dant Levi White George Wood
Patricius Hepburn William Peter Robert Miller
James Maitland Thomas Wheat Elijah Chaney
George Cameron Charles Venable James Rowan
Patrick McGee George W. Grant Patrick Delaney
Jacob Janney Wm. T. Griffith John Coleman
Samuel Holtzman Thomas H. Brooks J. Watson
R. P. Anderson Samuel Ditty Henry Barron
Nicholas Callan Jonas Newell Josiah Bosworth
Wm. Galloway Wm. H. Ward John G. Robinson
Daniel Cover Charles Lyons James Edward Smith
Enoch Reynolds John Coad J. M. Baker
Andrew Harper Thomas Gerion John Duncanson
David S. Waters John Wood Andrew T. McCormick
A. Noerr David Munro Charles F. Wood
John McLeod George Crandell George A. Smoot
William Dowling Benjamin Adams Wm. C. Ellison
Thomas H. Morgan Wm. H. Prentiss Samuel L. Knapp
Thomas Rigden W. Douglass Sabret C. Barrett
Thomas F. Harrison L. H. Macher G. P. Maxwell
William Harrison F. Keller Samuel Sherwood
Pishey Thompson John Foulkes A. Woodward
J. D. Smith Lund Washington Benjamin Harwood
Wm. Sawkins J. F. Caldwell William Ryan
Christian Eckloff W. Ward William Dykes
Lodowick Sheppard Cornelius McDermott A. S. Stinchcomb
A. Jewitt Wm. Lloyd William Martin
Wm. Pote Clement McWilliams James Thompson
Wm. Harvey Igns. Milstead William Gleason
Daniel Hauptman Joseph S. Wilson Samuel Harwood
J. M. Staughton Wm. Ratcliff, Sen. William Rigsby
Charles Longden Dillon Hodgson Walter Hutcherson
James Lusby Wm. Ratcliff, Jr. Peter M. Pearson
George Caton James Clephane William Sexsmith
John Tabler Allan Thompson J. McFarland
Alexander Guy Wm. H. Clementson Robert Jackson
Joseph Wheaton Joseph F. Reed H. Anderson
Abraham Butler Enoch Arnold Neal McNantz
John Colburn Rezin Orme Benson McKenny
H. Jenkins W. H. Stewart William M. Ellis
Jonas P. Keller Willard Drake Charles Langley
David A. Gardner W. B. Benson Benjamin Jones
Robert B. Boyd A. Cheshire John Bright
W. W. Billing Peter Lenox Thomas Richardson
George Bushey Wm. Lowry James Smith
Jos. Evritt George Hercus John L. Suit
Samuel Sryock Joseph Done Joshua J. Henry
Robert Miller Henry Ould A. Ramsay, Jr.
Abraham J. Boss J. W. Hand John Blackburne
Charles B. Brown Wm. Archer Joseph Cox
Jeremiah Gittings Charles Pryse Washington Duvall
Joseph Gibson Anthony Preston Thomas Gibson
C. L. Coltman John P. Davis Robert King
Matthias Jeffers Nelson Davidson Dennis Orsburn
John Allen Rignel G. Chaney Lewis A. Newman
Thomas K. Gray Joseph Fagan Thomas Anderson
Abel Cannon John Lynch John D. Murphey
William Moody John Sessford James Miller
George H. Grant Samuel Myers [Illegible]
Richard Harrison Archibald Thompson W. Rutherford
Owen McCue Wm. Thomson John M. Kennedy
[Illegible] James Baxter John Little
Nathaniel Durity + Edward Holland Wm. Harvy
Michael Nash Joshua Towson John McDuell
J. L. Martin James Hagan Wm. Borland
James Fry + Joseph L. Scholfield Wm. H. Berry
Joseph Helroyd Seth Cartwright Anthony Faulke
John Brady George Cover John McCutchen
Robert Speiden Daniel Cover John Mount
Frederick Hogge Aquila Lockwood John H. Harris
Larson Holm Andrew Scholfield B. W. Hunt
Anthony Somers Wm. Harper, Sen. Henry Dawes
Peter J. Herold Isaac Robbins Owen Summers
Edward Mudd James M. McRea Samuel Chilton
A. G. Herold J. C. May Jess Cromwell
Michael Quigley James Hoban John Cromwell
Wm. Coltman Robert W. Fenwick Henry Dashiell
George McDuell John Ward Samuel Heinecke
John Bailey Henry Burdick James Davis
Edward W. Lewis M. Hines, by J. Janny V. Carter
Wm. Slade Thomas Bates Basil H. Waring
John F. Thiel Merrit Tarlton Richard H. Williams
Alexius Simms James M. Hosier Elisha Dawes
Abys Simms Wm. Gardner Daniel Shryer
Richard Moony Thomas Parsons