Explore the web of litigants, jurists, attorneys, and community members present in the court records. Browse people by categories: plaintiffs, defendants, and attorneys. Individuals who appear in the documents without a link to their person page have not yet been encoded and related to other people in the project and will not appear here.

Each person's page includes a set of attributes describing their status, color, sex, age, occupations, birth and death dates, and residences as stated in the court documents. Each attribute is sourced to the document.






Every relationship for each person in the legal documents is also recorded in their individual page. Legal, occupational, family, and social connections to other individuals in the court records are visually presented in dynamic graphs. Find a person from the options above and explore the connections.

Explore By Connection Type

View people by the type of their relationships (enslaved by, spouse of, neighbor of, etc.)

Browse Attorney Relationships

Explore connections between attorneys, if any.