Butler Family Network

The Butler family from Charles, Montgomery, Prince George's, and St. Mary's Counties, Maryland, sued for their freedom between 1763-1828, claiming descent from a free woman named Eleanor Butler. Another Butler family, possibly related to this one, petitioned for freedom in Washington, D.C., and claimed that they were brought into the District from Maryland in violation of the Maryland importation law.

Unknown Branches

The following are descendants of Eleanor Butler, though it is uncertain through which line.

It is unknown if this family is descended from Eleanor "Irish Nell" Butler.

These are the grandchildren of Thomas and Sarah, but through which daughter is unknown.


1. Both Lydia Butlers claim the same lineage and were freed based on the claim. [back]

2. John Butler says in his deposition that Anna, Moses, and Frank are all the children of Henny, but their petition for freedom states that Frank and Moses are Anna's children. [back]

3. The petitions of Clement, William, and Lewis Butler claim that this Eleanor was the free woman. It is likely they just missed a generation, as it was her mother who was the white Irish woman. [back]