Charles Mahoney v. John Ashton. Docket Sheet


25. 31.

14th May Term 1799 23d

JRW. J.J. R R. Charles Mahoney
PBK. LM. JTM. WC. Revd John Ashton

Appearances. Jury Sworn

Verdict for Petitioner & Judgment that Petitioner is free &c
vide [illegible]

five Exceptions filed


Appeal prayed and granted to the High Court of Appeals.

Appeal Bond filed and security approved by the Court

See the Minutes of October Term 1797 for the manner of entering the challenges

The Honble Gabriel Duvall Esquire withdrew from the Bench at and during this Trial of this cause


William John

G D. 11th October Term 1791
Petition protection Summons return appearance by WC. Imparlance

8th May Term 1792.
Appearances and Imparlance

9th October Term 1792
Appearance and Imparlance

14th May Term 1793
Appearances and Imparlance

8th October Term 1793.
Apperances. Commission ordered to London for Pltt. Commissioners Joshua Johnson, William Murdock, Horatio Clagett and James Brooks

13th May Term 1794
Appearances and continued

14th October Term 1794
Appearances and continued

12th May Term 1795.
Appearances and continued

13th October Term 1795.
Appearances and continued


GD JKW 10th May Term 1796.
Appearances Interrogatories & Depositions filed and continued
Depositions No 1 to 8 included

11th October Term 1796 WC PBK
Appearances. Ann Cooke's depositn filed, 2 Deposns of Ann Cooke filed

JR?W. JJ. 9th May Term 1797.
Depositions No. 10 11 & 12.
Appearances two Depons of Ann Hurdle & Henry Davis filed by Deft. Nichs L Darnall depn filed by Deft. Nathl Talbot's depn filed by Deft. Continued

10th October Term 1797 WC PBK LM
Deposns No 13 to 24.
Appearances. Depos filed for Deft. James Mullican's Depn filed for Ptff. John Clagetts Depn for Deft filed. admission of Defendt filed Verdict & Special Verdict vide [illegible]
Contd under curia adv [illegible]

8th May Term 1798
Appearances. Continued by the Court

JRW. JJ. 9th October Term 1798 WC PBK LM. JTM.
Appearances The court are of Opinion that the fact, that Joyce was in england is not sufficiently and expressly found in the Special Verdict; and for as much as there was sufficient Evidence disclosed at the Trial by which the Jury might have found the fact expressly. The Court on motion of the Petitioner by his Counsell order a venire de novo
Venire do novo prayed and granted.

  • 1 William Johnson
  • 2. John Howard
  • 3. Benjamin Richardson
  • 4. Daniel Hauer
  • 5. Jonathan Hager
  • 6. Samuel J Coolidge
  • 7 [torn page]
  • 8. [torn page]
  • 9. [torn page]
  • 10. Nicholas Tice
  • 11. William Hamilton Smith
  • 12. William Hilleary

The first Jurors impannelled were Samuel Chew, John Howard, Theodore Hodgkin Daniel McComas, Benjamin Murrow, William Johnson, Elisha Wheatley, Benjamin Richardson, Joshua Green, Daniel Hauer, Jonathan Hager, Nathan Brawner of which the following challenges were made

Challenged by the Petitioner
  • Samuel Chew
  • Theodore Hodgkin
  • Elisha Wheatley
  • Nathan Brawner
Challenged by the Defendant
  • Daniel McComas
  • Benjamin Murrow
  • Joshua Green

Pannell made up of the following Jurors

Who were Jurors
  • Abraham Hoff
  • James Kendall
  • Nicholas Tice
Challenged by Defendant
  • Martin Kreps
  • Samuel Elliott

Pannell made up of the following Jurors

  • John Perry challenged by petitioner
  • John Jacob Bugh challenged by Defendt

Pannell made up of the following Jurors

Who were Sworn
  • William Hamilton Smith
  • William Hilleary

Charles Mahoney
Revd John Ashton

Petition for Freedom

Judgmt May 1799