Henry Ober et al. v. Henry Talbert. Motion for Subpoena


The Petition of Marg Ober respectfully represents to this Honbl Court that she has filed her petition for freedom against a certain Henry Talbert of Washington County District of Columbia against whom a subpoena has issued but owing to the concealment of the said Talbot the marshall has been prevented from executing the process of the court where the said Talbot. Your Petitioner also humbly states that since the filing of her said Petition against the said Talbot as sale of your Petitioner has been made to a third person by the said Talbot and that the purchaser so unknown to your Petitioner is seeking and threatining forcibly to carry your Petitioner beyond the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of District of Columbia for the County of Washington contrary to the statute of Maryland provided for the protection of the rights and liberties of your Petitioner. Wherefore she prays Hon your Honors the Judges of this Court that they would order her into the custody of this Court and render such other relief as to your Honors may seem necessary and that your Honors will rule the Marshall to return the subpoena aforesaid [illegible].

Sworn to the open Court
Test W. Brent Clk
11th June 1828



Henry Ober & others
Henry Talbert

Pet for freedom

Mr Brent will issue the subpoena returnable forth with
R Beale

Filed 3rd June 1828.