Chloe Butler v. Nicholas L. Sewall. Petition for Freedom


To the honorable the Judges of the General Court.

The Petition of Cloe Butler humbly sheweth to your honors

That your Petitioner is well entitled to her freedom being the descendant of a free white woman but is illegally and unjustly detained in slavery by Nicholas Lewis Sewall of Saint Marys County although the said Sewall is well informed of the justice of your Petitioners claim to freedom

May it please your honors to compel the said Nicholas Lewis Sewall by process from this Court to appear and answer the premises may it plea and also to grant subpoenas for Walter Pye of Charles County and Ann Boarman of Saint Marys County to testify for your Petitioner and grant such further relief to your Petitioner as shall be [illegible] and to justice and as to your honors shall seem meet, And your Petitioner &c

TD Merrick for Petr


Chloe Butler
Nichs L Sewall.

Peto for freedom

Mr Gwinn
file it & issue the necessary process
22d Sept 1790.


Chloe Butler
Nichs L. Sewall

Petition for Freedom

Filed 25th of Sept 1790

Depo as Igns vs Jos Simms at Octo 1791.

(Octo 1791)

Entd JG No 13. folio 37.