Rachel Graham v. Frances Swann. Extract from the Appraisement of Frances Alexander's Estate


The Appraisers of Frances Alexander's Estate were Alexander Hunter, Carey Bronaugh and Tho: J. Minor - they were appointed on 5th March 1824; the date of their appraisement is April 7: 1824

The Will of Frances Alexander was admitted to probate on the 30th Decr. 1823: and Letters of Administration taken on the 2nd March 1824 by Richard B. Alexander, who qualified as Admor with the Will annexed.

At the foot of the Inventory is the following note, to wit: "The following Slaves are entitled to their freedom at the age of Thirty one years, by the Will of old Parson Brown of Md.
Moses was born December 25th 1813
Jerry was born September 1, 1814
Jenny was born in September 1816
Christie was born in December 1821
Simon was born March 6 1823
Ann was born in 1807
Rachael was born
All of the above are the children of Milly.
R. B. Alexander"

All the above mentioned Slaves are mentioned enumerated in the Inventory of Frances Alexander's Personal Estate, and a note made opposite to their names "To be free "To serve 'til 31 years of age", and the Inventory is signed by
R. B. Alexander
Administrator with the Will annexed.

No other Slaves are mentioned in the Inventory.

B: Hooe Regr of Wills
Alexa. Co. D.C.

May 22nd 1844.


Extract from the Appraisement of Frances Alexanders Estate