Phillis Shiner v. Levi Pumphrey. Affidavits of William Brent et al.


District of Columbia,
County of Washington, Towit:

I, William Brent, Clerk of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, hereby certify that Phillis otherwise called Phillis Shiner, has this day filed in the said Court a Petition for the freedom of herself and her children Ann, Harriet and Mary Ann. against a certain Washington Robey. and that the said Petition is now pending in the said Court.

In Testimony whereof I hereunto subscribe my name and and affix the seal of the said Circuit Court for the County aforesaid, at the City of Washington this 6th day of June 1833.
W. Brent Clk

The negroes mentioned in the above Certificate are now in Jail. and will be deferred to the proper Authority.
Adam Lynn

I have examined the claim of the above Petitioner Philis Shiner and am satisfied that she is entitled to her freedom. She is now in the Alexandria Jail Will Mr Key file if necessary in the County of Alexandria a Petition for her freedom She is claimed by either McKenzie or Franklin and Armfield or some person other than Robey The writ has been served on   Robey but he will disclaim being her owner
John J. Dermott
7th June 1833

I believe from the above statement of Mr Dermott; that the Petitioner has a claim for her freedom which ought to be enquired into.
F S Key 8 June 33.