Joe Crawford v. Robert A. Slye. Circuit Court Report


Negro Jos. Crawford v. Robert A. Slye.

The list of slaves required by the eleventh section of the Maryland act of 1796, c. 67, most designate the sex. The name "Jo," does not designate the sex.

Petition for freedom. The importation of the slave (the petitioner) was alleged to be justified under the 11th section of the Act of Maryland, 1796, c. 67, which requires a list of the slaves so imported, distinguishing their sex. The list merely calls the slave "Jo."

The Court (Thruston, J., absent,) decided that the list required by the 11th section must be such as is required by the 8th, and must designate the sex as well as the name; and that the list offered does not designate the sex; and that therefore the petitioner is entitled to freedom.

Mr. Key and Mr. Wallach, for the petitioner.

Messrs. Marbury and Brent, for defendant.