Clement Butler v. Henry Pyke. Petition for Freedom


To the honourable The Judges of the General Court

The Petition of Clement Butler humbly sheweth that he is held in slavery by Henry Pyke of Saint Mary's County, when he is entitled to his freedom being the descendant of Elinor Butler, who was a free white person in the female line. He therefore prays your honours to grant a summons against the said Henry Pyke returnable immediately that he may be and appear in this honourable Court and answer the premisses. And he as in duty bound will pray & so forth.

G. Duvall for Petr


Clement Butler
Henry Pyke, HM


Mr Gwinn,
File this Peto & issue Summons
G. Duvall

Depo as Thos in Iezreal Penn at May 1792

filed 13th May 1790

Subpoena issd [illegible] immediately

Octo 1791

Entd JG. No 13. folio 29.


Clement Butler
Henry Pyke

Pet. for Freedom

Entd JG No 13. folio 29.

(Octo 1791)