Ann Queen v. Sylvester Boarman. Summons of Sylvester Boarman


Harford County
To Wit.

State of Maryland
To the Sheriff of Harford County Greeting

You are hereby Commanded to Summon Sylvester Boarman that he be and appear in his proper person before the Justices of Harford County Court at the Courthouse in Belleair in next to answer Nancy, alias Ann Queen on a Petition for freedom by her Exhibited to the said Court. And this you are not to omit at your Peril. Witness the Honble. Joshua Seney Esquire chief Justice of our said Court this 16th day of August Anno Domini 1794

Issued the 28th day of August Anno Domini 1794

John Lee Gibson Clk



Nancy alias Ann Queen
Sylvester Boarman

Subpa. on a Petition for freedom

Ben: Preston Shff