Edward Queen v. John Ashton. Petition for Freedom


To the honorable The Judges of the General Court.

The petition of Edward Queen humbly sheweth that he is held in slavery by the Revd. John Ashton altho he is informed he is entitled to his freedom being descended from a freewoman, viz, being the son of Phillis who was the daughter of Mary Queen commonly called Queen Mary, a freewoman. He therefore prays your honours to direct Summons to issue against the said John Ashton returnable immediately to answer the premises; & that your honours, the facts being found, will adjudge your petitioner to be free. And he will pray & so forth.

G Duvall
P.B. Key
for Petr.

Revd. Thos. Digges, PG.
Plummer Iiams, AA.


Edward Queen
Revd. John Ashton


Mr. Gwinn,
File it, & issue Subp. within immediately.
P.B. Key.

Filed 15 Octo. 1791.