Rachel Graham v. Frances Swann. Notes Re. Evidence


Rachel Graham

Petition &c

1. Will of Parson Brown bequeaths Negro girl called Molley to his daughter Elizabeth Brown, until she shall arrive at age of 31, & then to be free all the offspring of said Molley to be free as they arrive at age of 31. (Molley is grandmother of Petr)

2. In 1813, Mrs Frances Alexander purchased Milly & her children from Miss E. Brown (see Mrs Swanns dep) Miss Brown came to live in Alexandria between 1808 & 1810, but did not bring Milly until about 1813. She likewise lived in Geotown & Baltimore (see sd Dep)

3 Will of Mis Mrs Frances Alexander giving Rachael to her son L. M. Alexander to this will is attached a Schedule of slaves to be free at 31, signed by the adm. R. B. Alexander among whom is petr - will proved in 1823.

4. Will of E. Brown, in which she recites having sold to her sister Mrs F. Alexander Milly & her children. That the children are to serve until 31 years of age, & then makes provision for the purchase by her executor of the remainder of their term of service, & for their immediate emancipation, will dated 1825

1. Fenwick vs Tooker Nov. Term 1835. 2. Lee vs Lee 8 Peters 3. Act of Congress 1812. 4 Old Va. Rv. Code page 260*

Miss Brown lived in Georgetown from which place she removed to Baltimore & resided there in 1807 & early in 1808 or 1809. See Mrs Swann's depn.

* Deft must prove Miss Brown's certificate 1. Star [torn page] +2 Admission of Mrs Swann 2 Star in page 28 & note A.