Charles Taylor v. Ariss Buckner & Bernard H. Buckner. Summons of Thomas Crown et al.


Circuit Court, Alexandria County, District of Columbia,
May Term, 1835

You are hereby commanded to summon Thomas Crown, John Waters, John W Krafft, P. R. Fendall, Frederick Barnard Andrew Smith and David S Waters that they be and appear before the Court here, immediately, as Witness for Charles Taylor & als

Issued 8 day of June 1835

By Order,
Edm: J. Lee cc

To the Marshal of the District of Columbia.


Thomas Crown Sd
John Waters Sd
John W Krafft Sd
P. R. Fendall Sd
Frederick Barnard Sd
Andrew Smith Sd
D. S. Waters Sd
Non Est Smith Sd
Summoned the others
A. Hunter