Charles Taylor v. Ariss Buckner & Bernard H. Buckner. Deposition of Thomas Swann


Sometime before Mr. Ariss Buckner came to reside in Washington he applied to me, the President of the office of Discount & Deposit in Washington for a discount in that Bank I Informed Mr. Buckner that the rule of the Bank, required two satisfactory names, resident of Washington, and that as he had not yet brought his family to Washington, he would not perhaps be considered a resident of Washington and that he had better wait untill his family did remove. Mr. Buckner did wait, how long I cannot say, I think some weeks, and applied again, and he finally succeeded in obtaining the loan. I cannot state the time of this loan and should refer for[?]   fail to the Bank books.

Tho. Swann
June 8, 1835

Mr. Key admits this as far as the same is competent.
T. Swann


Thos. Swanns Depos

In Buckners cases