Rachel Shorter et al. v. Ann Casanave. Commission of Richard I. Morsell


District of Columbia, to wit:
The United States of America,
To Richard I Morsell Esquire of Prince Georges County

Know Ye, that you, are appointed commissioners to examine evidences in a cause depending in the circuit court for the county of Washington, in the District of Columbia, between Rachel Shorter Mary Shorter Sarah Smith & William Shorter in behalf of themselves & Children petitioning for Freedom agst. Ann Cassanave

Therefore you, are requested, having first given Ten days notice to the parties & taken the oath hereunto annexed, and also administered the annexed oath to the person whom you shall appoint as clerk to attend the execution of this commission, that at such time and place as to you shall seem convenient, you cause to come before you, all such evidences as shall be named or produced to you, by either the plaintiff or defendant, and that you examine them upon their corporal oaths, to be by you, administered, on the Holy Evangely of Almighty God, touching their knowledge or remembrance of any thing that may relate to the cause aforesaid; and that you cause notice to be given to the parties, or their attornies, of the execution of this commission, before you execute the same; and having reduced the depositions of the witnesses, so taken by you, into writing, you send the same, with this commission, closed under your, hand and seal to the judges of the said circuit court, with all convenient speed.

Witness the honorable W. Cranch esquire, chief judge of the said court, the sixth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty three

Issued the 7th day of October 1823

W Brent Clk.



Commissioners' Oath

You shall, according to the best of your skill and knowledge, truly, faithfully, and without partiality to any or either of the parties, take the examinations and depositions of all and every witness and witnesses produced and examined, by virtue of the commission hereunto annexed, upon the interrogatories now, or which may hereafter, before the said commission is closed, be produced to and left with you by either of the said parties. So help you God.

Sworn Before me James Keny J.P. For Prince Georges County State of Maryland

Clerk's Oath.

You shall truly, faithfully, and without partiality to any or either of the parties in this cause, take, write down and transcribe, the depositions of all and every the witness and witnesses produced before and examined by the commissioners, named in the commission hereunto annexed, as far forth as you are directed and employed by the said commissioners to take, write down and transcribe the said depositions, or any of them. So help you God.