Rachel Shorter et al. v. Ann Casanave. Motion for New Trial


Rachel Shorter and Mary Shorter in behalf of themselves and children
Ann Cassanave

pet. for freedom

Montion for a new trial and Reasons plea

1st Because the verdict of the jury was against the evidence in the Cause

2 Because two witnesses summoned on the part of the petitioners did not attend at the trial

3 Because the petitioners had sent a summons for Thomas Soaper, Simon Campbell and Enoch Cambell and believed at the time that they had been summoned when they went into the trial of the cause whereas the have discovered by the return of the summons by the Marshal of Maryland that none of the said witnesses had been summoned

4. Because the petitioners have since the trial discovered new testimony to support their cause which they did not know of before or during the trial

5 Because the [illegible] condition of the petitioners confined in a state of slavery did not enable   enable them to employ any other probably effectual means of proving the attendance of these witnesses that by summons directed to the Marshal of Maryland who appears not to have been able to summon the witnesses in consequence of an audience[?]

470 Trials

Rachel Shorter & others
Ann Cassanave

The clerk will please to file these reasons for a new trial and [illegible] subpoena
H Ashton

filed 4th June 1824