Mary v. Lewin Talburt. Petition for Freedom


To the Honble the Judges of the Circt Court Dist. Cola. Washington Coty.

The petition of negro Mary and her infant child humbly sheath that she is entitled to her freedom & is unjustly held in bondage by Lewis Talburt, who claims your Petitioners as slaves.

Wherefore she prays your Honors to grant sbpa to said Talburt directed & such relief in the premisses as may be according to law.

Key & Dunlop for Petrs



Negro Mary & child
L. Talburt


Mr Brent
File it & issue sbpa & give Petr. a a certfe. of the pendency of the suit.
K. & D.

Filed 26th Nov 1830.


Ct. Ct. of D. Ca. County Washington City Decr 27th 1830

Personlly appears David I Waters in open Court and makes oath that he did on the 25th Instant serve the within on Lewin Talburt by leaving a copy of the within notice at his House with a Young Lady who appeared to be at home there & who promised to deliver it to said Talburt.

Test W. Brent clk


Left a copy with a young Lady in the house of Lewin Taburt Decr 25th 1830