William Jordan v. Lemuel Sawyer. Verdict


William Jordan vs Lemuel Sawyer

The Jury in this case do find from the evidence that the Petitioner was brought into this County sometime early in January last by one Vale. Peyton, which said Peyton was not then, before or since, a resident of this County or District, but came with brought the said negro petitioner, from Wheeling in Virginia into this County, and that sometime in March last he sold the said Petitioner to the Defendant in the City of Washington, & that it was the intent both of the Seller & Purchaser (and so agreed at the time of the [illegible]) that the said Petitioner should be sent by the Defendant by the Defendant forthwith the Norfolk in Virginia but that no such intent was expressed in the Bill of Sale made by said Peyton and that he was forth with upon such sale put on board the Steamboat & sent to Norfolk by the Deft as the property of the Deft. and that upon his being delivered put in the said steamboat, the purchase money was paid by the Deft. That afterwards the said Petr returned in the said steamboat from Norfolk, & filed his petition.

And we do further find that the said Val: Peyton was not a person coming into this said County to reside therein, but as a Sojourner or Traveller, and that he did not carry the said   said Petitioner with him when he went away without selling him, or attempt to carry him away without selling him. Also that said Peyton there is no evidence from which the Jury can find that the said Peyton held lands in another state so as to authorize him to import said Petitioner

brought the said Petitioner into this County under any of the circumstances set forth in the provisos contained in the 5, 6 7th, 8th, 9th, 10 & 11th sections of the act of 1795 chap: 67.

And if the Court shall be of opinion that, under the facts and circumstance set forth as aforesaid, that the said Petitioner is entitled to his freedom, then we find for the Petitioner, But if the Court shall be of opinion that under the facts & circumstances aforesaid the Petitioner is not entitled to his freedom, then we find for the Deft.

John B Forrest


We agree that the above special verdict shall be recorded as found by the Jury in this case.

FS Key for Petr
Hay for Deft

2 May 1823.



Wm Jordan
Lemuel Sawyer

Special verdt

fd 2d May 1823

Judgt on Special verdt for Dft