Stephen Butler v. Charles Carroll. Summons of Charles Carroll


The State of Maryland Sst To the Sheriff of Washington County Greeting we Command you that you summon Charles Carroll late of Washington County that all excuses and delays set aside he be and appear before the Judges of our General Court to be held at the City of Annapolis on the Second Tuesday of October next, to answer unto the Petition of Stephen Butler prefered against him for Freedom, Hereof he is not to fail, and fail not at your peril, and have you then and there this writ, Witness the Honourable Thomas Johnson Esquire Chief Judge of our said Court the 17th day of June Anno Domini 1790.

Issued the 28. July 1790

Jno Gwinn Clk


No 54.

Stephen Butler
Charles Carroll

Sums for Freedom


May 1789.

Wash Cy
D Stull Shff