Robert Thomas v. Henry Pile. Deposition of Richard Robin Reeder


Charles County to Wit

The deposition of Richard Robin Reeder aged seventy years or there abouts taken in consequence of the annexd Letter of Notice and being sworn upon the Holy Evangels of Almighty God deposeth and saith, That he knew David Stone the father of Michael J. Stone, that he was said to be a good Master to his Slaves, That he allowed his Negroes to raise Horses, That he knew Betty Mingo when she belong'd to Mr Wharton and was told by Catharine Stone widow of Thomas Stone the Father of David Stone that Thomas Stone exchanged Betty Mingo with Mr Wharton for a negro woman called Cate on account of the Vile Tongue of Betty Mingo That Betty Mingo was yellow. That their was a report about fifty years ago that the Butlers were trying to get free at which time it was said that Betty Mingo and her family intended to try for their freedom, That he was told by Catharine Stone That neither Betty Mingo nor her family had any right to freedom as Betty Mingo [illegible] was a Slave That he never heard that Betty Mingo nor any of her family were entitled to freedom; That Betty Mingo and her Race were kept in slavery ever since he knew them which has been sixty years ago. Taken the 15th day of October 1792 before the Subscriber one of the Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid

James Freeman


R. R. Reeder



filed 31 Octo 1794

Richard Robin Reeder being further sworn on the 22d day of March 1793, and being asked if Catharine Stone with whom the within conversation took place with the deponent, was interested in the freedom or slavery of the Mingoes, answers, she did not own any of the Negros called Mingo, but she took her dower out of the negroes she had of her former husbands Estate, except the within mentioned Negro Cate who was exchanged for Betty Mingoe and whom she took from the Stones Estate.

This deponent was born and lived all his life within adjoining Pointon Manor and within four miles of Thos Stone and his son David Stone, and seven years of his life he lived with Catherine Stone on Pointon Manor after the death of Thos Stone her Husband. that Mrs Catherine Stone was seventy years old he believes when he came to live with her. That Mrs Catherine Stone bore as good a Character as any woman in Maryland. That Thomas Stone and David Stone both of them lived and died on Pointon Manor does not know Mrs Pile or that she even lived near David Stone. The Conversation within stated happened the deponent thinks about fifty years ago. Being asked if he ever heard Catherine Stone say any about or concerning Betty Mingo's Mother, answers he never did. He further saith that David Stone and Thomas Stone before mentioned have were of good character. Sworn before the Subscriber one of the Justices of Charles County.

Sworn before the Subscriber this 22d March 1793
Richd: Barnes

This deponent knew a white woman of the name of Isabell in the Thomas Stone Family, who had several mulatto children by one of Mr Stones negro — [strikethrough] that served until they were 31. years of age. That she has been dead near fifty years, and was then between 30 and 40 years of age. This Dept. further says that one of the children of the above said Isabell was called Charles Ray, another Sarah Ray, & another called Bridget Ray, who served the above said term of 31 years & have since been free.
Henry Barnes

Henry Barnes

Taken in presence of us
G. Duvall for petrs.
Philip B Key for Deft