Robert Thomas v. Henry Pile. Deposition of Wilfred Neale from John Thomas v. Raphael Boarman


John Thomas
Raphael Boarman

Petn. in the General Court for freedom.

Wilfred Neale aged fifty two years being sworn on the Holy Evangely of Almighty God in the above Case deposeth and saith that about five or six years ago when the Butlers got free by Judgment of the General Court it was the common talk of the Neighbourhood that several other families, the Shorts and the Mingoes now called The Thomas's would probably petition; Being asked if any reason was assigned why they would petition, answers that it was generally supposed that as the Butlers had got free or would get free that those two families would petition for that they had the same or an equal right.

Sworn to in open Court this 1 June 1793
Jno Gwinn Clk


John Thomas
Raphael Boarman


Depo. Wilfred Neale

No 20

filed 31 Octo 1794