Robert Thomas v. Henry Pile. Deposition of Charles Ray


Charles Ray a Mulatto Man aged between sixty and seventy years, deposeth and saith that he was born in the Family of Thomas Stone of Charles County of a white woman named Isabel, and this deponent lived in and served the Stone Family until he was of the age of thirty one, at which time he was set free, that his mother was Convicted for having this deponent as a bastard. That this deponent knew Betty Mingo who was swopped to Mr Wharton of St Marys County, and she used to come sometimes to see her old Mistress Catherine Stone and to see her Children of whom Peg was said to be one. This deponent saith that he never heard any white persons say, nor ever heard Betty Mingo say that she was entitled to be free or had a right to Freedom, but he has heard Peg say so and has heard the negroes talk so. That he has heard that Betty Mingo was House Keeper to Mr Stone in his first wifes time, and when he married again, his second wife and Betty could not agree, and for that reason he parted with her to Mr Wharton


That David Stone was a kind good Master, and Mrs Catherine Stone a very good woman. That Peg was a high spirited, imprudent, talking woman but a very good servant.

Sworn to, this 23d. day of March 1793
Before Henry Barnes

Taken in the presence of us.
G. Duvall, atty. for petrs.
Philip B Key for defdts.

Charles Ray


filed Dep 31. Octo 1794

Charles Ray's Deposition

No. 13.