Robert Thomas v. Henry Pile. Deposition of Ann Thompson


Mrs Ann Thompson aged about sixty years being sworn on the holy Evangily of Almighty God deposeth, that she was a niece of David Stone who sold Peg to John Semple, that she was brought up within one or two miles of David Stone and very intimate in his Family, and that she never heard or knew of Peg or any of her Ancestors claiming or being entitled to their Freedom, that Peg and her relations in the Stones Possession were always claimed and held as Slaves and treated by Mr Stone like his other slaves. And this deponent never heard that any of Peg's Family had any Pretensions to being Free as claimd their Freedom on setting up any descent from a White Woman until after the Family of Butler Negroes Obtained their Freedom. This deponent never heard or knew of Peg's Mother or Grandmother. This deponent knew Mrs Catherine Stone the Second Wife and Widow of Thomas Stone, that she was a very old woman when she died, and was a woman of very good Character

Sworn before the Subscriber on the 23rd March 1793
Henry Barnes

Taken in presence of us.
G Duvall. for Petr.
Philip B Key for defdt.



Ann Thompson's Deposition

No. 3.



Mrs Ann Thompson


filed 31. Octo 1794