Edward Queen v. John Ashton. Petitioner's & Defendant's Pleas


Edward Queen
John Ashton

And the said John by William Cooke his attorney (admitting that the said Edward is Descended from Mary Queen mentioned in the said Petition) comes and says that the said Mary Queen the Grandmother of the Petitioner from whom by Descent the petitioner claims his Freedom always was a slave: and this the said John is ready to verify without that, that the said Mary was Free as alleged by the said Petition

W Cooke for[?] Deft.

And the said Edward by his attorney aforesaid saith that the said Mary Queen was not a slave at the time of the Birth of the Issue from of Mary Queen from whom the said Edward is descended was not a slave, but was free be as the said John above in pleading hath alleged, and this the said Edward prays may be enquired of by the Country soforth. And the said John doth the like.

G. Duvall for Petr.



plea & issue

Judgts May 1794.

filed 22d May 1794