Georgiana et al. v. Edward Swann. Affidavit of Charles P. Shaw


State of Virginia, Alexandria County to wit
To the Sheriff of the said County

Whereas Christy Brown formerly Christy Dunbar, has this day complained before me, Charles P. Shaw, a Justice of said County, that her four infant children: to wit Georgiana, Moses, Thomas, and Mary, are unlawfully detained as slaves by Edward Swann, administrator of Dr Richard B. Alexander decd and has petitioned me for leave to sue as next friend for the freedom of her said infant children. I hereby command you, in the name of the Commonwealth, forthwith to take charge of the said Georgiana, Moses, Thomas, and Mary, and them safely keep, at the expense of the said Edward Swann, admr aforesaid, until the first day of the next term, of the Circuit Court, of the said County, and that you then and there produce them, before the said Court, and I command you to give notice to the said Edward Swann, that you have the said Georgiana, Moses, Thomas, and Mary in your charge under this precept.

Given under my hand this 21st day of October 1856.
Chas. P. Shaw, J.P.


Executed by delivering a copy to Edward Swann on 22nd October 1856 & the Negroes taken possession of on the refusal of Swann to give security for this delivery of the same
E Langston Shff

executed on 22 Oct 1856 & the negroes in possession
E. Langston