Georgiana et al. v. Edward Swann. Order


Upon the petition of negroes Georgiana, Moses, Thomas and Mary infants, under the age of 21 years of age by Chrysty Brown formerly Chrysty Dunbar their mother and next friend
Edward Swann administrator of the estate of Richard B. Alexander decd

A Statement of the facts in the case having been made returned by Francis L. Smith the counsel assigned the petitioners by a previous order in this cause, and the said counsel with the opinion of said counsel thereon it is ordered, that a summons returnable to the next term of this court, issue against the said Edward Swann, commanding him to appear and answer said petition. and it is further [strikethrough] ordered, that the said petitioners (the said Edward Swann having appeared in open court and consented thereto) be hired out by the Sheriff of the County of Alexandria, then here[?] to be held subject to the order of the court in this cause.