Christiana Dunbar v. Richard B. Alexander. Jury Instructions


If the Jury believe from the Evidence that the Petitioner is the descendant of the Molly mentioned in the Will of Richard Brown of Md. the said Will is void as to the emancipation of the descendants of the said Molly at the age of 31 years & does not entitle the Petitioner to her Freedom.

Which the Court refused to give because the Petitioner by her Counsel disclaimed any right to freedom under the sd. will.

Apr 14 1845.



If the Jury believe from the evidence that the Petitioner was born in Alexandria County within 12 months after the Milly was carried there, then he was not imported contrary to the [folded page] was born a slave


For Defendant

No App[?]


If the Jury believe from the evidence that the Petitioner's Mother was born in Alexandria County subsequent to the posse year 1792, and was not the descendant of any female slave who was in the commonwealth of Virginia on 17 Octr 18 1785, then such Petitioner could not be a Slave in said County according to the law act of 1792.—Unless   the Deft. shall shew to the Satisfaction of the Jury that the Petr or the Petr's mother were imported into that County according to the provisions of the 4th Sec. of that the said act of 1792.


Deft - must shew the case within 4th Sec Act 1792.