Rachel Graham v. Frances Swann. Notes Re. Witnesses


1 Basil Williams - lived near Mrs Alexander & often heard from her that servants of Miss Brown were to be free at a certain age - not recollected

2 Sherwood - has often heard L. M. Alexander, while owner of Rachel say she was entitled to her freedom at certain age

3. Curtis - Nothing

4. Miss Brown's will admitted in evidence

Defendants - Dr Alexander Basil Wms - was overseer to Elder brother of witness in '15 & '16 - Petitioner in year 14 or 15 was about 4 years old - Miss B said while Milly & Pe were residing in Georgetown - said young children were expensive to her & she desired to bring them over - she brought them over in       years & [illegible] them there several years & sold them to Mrs Alexander whose was apprised of Parsons Brown's will, but knew it to be [illegible] to manumit Miss Brown's slaves.


1 Proof that Miss Brown owned Rachael - admitted & Mrs Swann's Dept

2 That she was sold for a term - Mrs Alexanders admissions - Lee Masi's admis & adm's admissions - not rebutted by his testimony