Henry Jackson v. Ariss Buckner & Bernard H. Buckner and Fanny Jackson v. Ariss Buckner & Bernard H. Buckner. Injunction


District of Columbia county of Washington Sct.

The United States of America To Aris Buckner, Bernard H. Buckner and The Marshal of the District of Columbia Greeting.

Whereas Henry Jackson And Francis Jackson for herself & children Louisa, Robert and Maria have filed their Bill of Complaint against you in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia sitting as a Court of Equity for the County of Washington & for certain reasons & considerations therein set forth you the said Aris and Bernard Buckner and your agents are hereby prohibited & injoined from removing the said Complainants or any of them out of the Jurisdiction of this Court and you the said Marshal your and Deputies and Agents are prohibited and injoined from delivering out of the Jail of the County of Washington (which is in your Custody) the said Complainants or either of them to the said Aris or Bernard Buckner or to any other person without the further order of the Court in the premises. Hereof fail not as you will answer the Contrary at your peril.

Witness the Hon Wm Cranch Esqr. Chief Judge of our said Court 29 May 1833

Issued 17th July 1833

Wm. Brent Clk




Henry Jackson Frances Jackson, Louisa, Robert & Maria Jackson
Aris Buckner Bernard H Buckner & The Marshal of the District of Columbia

Injoined A. Bucknor the others not served[?]
H. Ashton