Cyrus Slater v. Enoch Bell. Affidavit of Mary Parker


Mary Parker maketh oath, that she knows Negro Cyrus called Cyrus Slater who has brought suit in the Alexandria Court agt. Even Bell for his freedom That about twenty years ago the said Cyrus lived with John Hill who resided in Alexandria her former husband who was a Black Smith. That he lived with him five years. The said Cyrus then belonged to Joseph Slater, who and was brought from that part of Maryland which is now the city of Washington. That he was brought by lived with the brother of Joseph Slater who in Maryland & John Norwood made the bargain with him the said John Hill to take him & learn him the trade of a Black Smith for Mr. Slater. That Joseph Slater came to Mr. Hill's after Cyrus was with him & left him there, what bargain he made with Mr. Hill she does not know.

Sworn in Open Court
2d. Decr. 1817.

G. Deneale CC.



Negroe Cyrus
Enoch Als. Even Bell


1817. Nov. Term 12'. day
on motion ordered that Edmund J. Lee be assigned as Council to report a Statemt. of facts who made report and ordered that lea. be granted to commence a suit in forma pauperis for his freedom, & Edmd. J Lee is assigned him as Counsel to prosecute the same
Caps. Issd.

E Lee

Mary Parker's Affidavit

Filg Peto. 26. Atto. 18 Order 26 $. 70
Order 26 for leave to bring suit 26
Caps 18. D. 8. Atto. 8. ret: 18 52
Filg Nar. 18. Cont: 26 44
Cont: 26 26
Ord. 26. Att. Caps. 18. ret: 18 62
Ord: 26. Joinder 18 44
Cont. 26 26
Order 26. Joinder 18. 44
Swg Jury 70. bait[?]. 18 88
Jud: 18. Copy 17 T.C. 20 Crop. 18 94
2 Spas 18 ea 36
Atty fee 5:
Mar: fees 4:21
Exon[?] :40