Rachael Brent v. John Armfield. Depositions of Charles G. Eskridge & Thomas Rogers


The depositions of sundry witnesses taken at the Office of Francis W Luckett in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia, on the 24th day of May 1834, to be used as evidence in the suit now depending in the Circuit Court of the United States for the County of Alexandria in the District of Columbia in which Rachel, a pauper is Plaintiff and John Armfield is defendant.

The examination of Charles G. Eskridge who being first duly sworn, says:

1 Question by Plantiffs Counsel. Are you Deputy Clerk in the County Court of Loudoun, and how long have you been acting in that capacity?

Ansr. I am. I entered the Office in the year about 18 years ago, and have been acting as sworn deputy Clerk for about fourteen years.

2. Q: by same. Can you state when Aris Buckner was commissioned as a Justice of the Peace for the County of Loudoun?

Ansr. He was commissioned on the 19 January 1805 and qualified the 9th April 1805.

3. Q. by same. Was he ever commissioned or qualified as a Justice of peace after that time?

Ansr. I know of no other commission or qualification except the one mentioned above. He has not been commissioned or qualified since I have been in the Office.

4. Q. by same. What is the date of his first Commission as Sherriff of Loudoun County?

Ansr. His commission as Sherriff bears date the 26th February 1833, and he qualified to said Commission at March Court 1833.

5. Q. by same

5. Q. by same. Will you please state whether or or not Mr. Buckner's nomination to the Sheriff atty was opposed, and upon what grounds?

Ansr. It was opposed, upon the ground of his having removed from disqualified himself by removing from the State of Virginia to the District of Columbia.

6. Q. by same. Did or did not Mr. Buckner deny the charge of having disqualified himself by the removal to the District of Columbia, and introduce witnesses to support his denial?

Ansr. He did deny the charge, and Witnesses were introduced to prove that he had not disqualified himself, and the Court decided that he had not. I never heard Mr. Buckner say any thing on the subject; but his counsel who advocated his claim, denied the charge for him.

and further saith not. Chs G Eskridge

The examination of Thomas Rogers who being first duly qualified, says:

1 Question by Plaintiffs Counsel. Do you know the ground upon which Mr. Buckner's nomination to the Sherriff atty was opposed, and the defence made by Mr. Buckner?

Ansr. The ground on which his nomination was opposed, was, that he had removed from the County of Loudoun to the District of Columbia with a bonafide intention of becoming a citizen of the other place, and the defence made by   Mr. Buckner or for him, was, a denial of such removal, and several witnesses were introduced to prove that he had not so removed; but and the Court nominated him, and he is now the Sherriff of Loudoun County, and I am one of his deputies.

and further saith not. Thos Rodgers

The foregoing depositions of Charles G. Eskridge and Thomas Rodgers were taken, and by them respectfully subscribed and sworn and affirmed to at the time and plan set forth in the Caption, before the subscriber a Justice of the peace for the County of Loudoun in the State of Virginia. Certified under my hand and Seal the 24th day of May 1834

Francis W. Luckett


Rachel Brent

Deposition of Eskridge & Rodgers.

Recd under seal & opened 28 May 1834.
Edm: J. Lee C.C.

Edmond J. Lee Esqr.
Clerk of the Court
Care[?] of Bernard Hooe Esq