Ex parte Thomas Morris. Petition for Habeas Corpus


To the Honorable the Circuit Court for Alexandria County.

Your petitioner Thomas Morris humbly represents to your Honors, that he is now confined in the Jail of Washington County, in this District, where he was originally placed at the instance of       Burch of Alexandria and is now detained for the payment of jail fees, and, he believes, for no other cause. Your petitioner believes his confinement to be illegal & unjust; and prays the Court to grant him the U. States writ of Habeas Corpus, directed to the Jailor of Washington County, commanding him to bring the body of your petitioner before your Honors, in order that he cause of his said detention may be enquired into, & your petitioner discharged. Your petitioner begs leave to refer your honors to the certificate of said Jailer hereto annexed.

for Thos. Morris
Wm Stabler

Set the writ issue by order of the Court 12th Novr. 1832.


I hereby certify that a negro boy calling himself Thos: Morris was committed to the Prison of Washington County D.C. and is still confined in said prison he says he is an indented apprentice To James Burch of Alexandria

Novr 10th, 1832

for Jas Williams jailor
Thos A hawke


Thos. Morris Petition for Habeas Corpus

1832. Oct. Term 15th Day.
Hab. Corp. granted

16th day Prisoner bro't before the Court, & on hearing he is dischd. from confinement

Paid W.S.

Jacob Janney
Book & Shoe Maker

William Stabler