Ex parte Fanny Richardson. William Ludwell Hodgson to James Williams


To the Jailor of Washington County (DC) Jail.

Sir. Be so good as to send me by the bearer a copy of the Committment of Fanny Richardson, who is now in the jail of Washington County D.C. and your certificate whether she is confined under more than one committment, and if so for what Cause.

Your Obt Servt
Wm Ludwell Hodgson
Atty for Fanny Richardson
Alexa Novr 10, 1831


District of Columbia
Washington County St.

To the Marshal of the District aforesaid. You are hereby commanded To receive from Jilson Dove Constable The body of fanny Richardson being brought before me the subscriber a Justice of the Peace for said County as an absconding slave and her the said fanny safe keep into your jail and custody untill she shall be discharged by due course of law giving given under my hand and seal this 7th day of October 1831

Robt Clarke (seal)

To James Williams Jailor &c &

The above is a correct Coppy of Negress Fanny Richardson

November 9th 1831
Thas A hawke for James Williams jailer

She is not confined on no other commitment


To the Jailor of the Jail of Washington County
District of Columbia