William Derrick v. David Read & Silas Read and Mary Derrick v. Alexander Moore. Thomas Turner to Edmund J. Lee


Geo. Town March 5th 1824

Mr. Edmond J. Lee


The enclosed petitions I wish docketed in your Court & subpoena's issued. I have never qualified in your County though I have been practicing for several years in this. The mother of those petitioners is anxious & [illegible] about them for fear of them being sold out of the District. She has herself petitioned in this County for herself & three of her children, who were here, & [illegible] in the Court below, & the Deft. has appealed to the Supreme Court, where it is now pending. The claim of the petitioners to the within petitions will abide the decision in my case but [illegible] to petition to prevent them being sold out of the District so as to prevent them making claim &c.

If the cases cannot be docketted in consequence of my not having been admitted in your court I   would thank you for such information, so that I may set some one else to attend thereto.

Yours most obtly
Tho: Turner


Tho. Turner enclosing two Petitions for freedom


Edmund J. Lee Esquire
Clerk of the Ct Court
Alexandria D.C.