Maria v. William Meade. Summons of William Meade


District of Columbia—to wit:

The United States of America,
To the Marshal of the District of Columbia—Greeting:

We command you that you take William Meade if he be found within the County of Alexandria, in your said District, and him safely keep so that you have her body before the honorable the Judges of the United States' Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, at the Court-house in the Town of Alexandria, at the next Court, to answer Negroe Maria (who sues in forma pauperis for her freedom) of a Plea of Trespass Assault and Battery And False Imprisonment. Damage One hundred dollars

And have then there this writ.—Witness the Honorable William Cranch, Chief Judge of our said Court, this 20th day of November 1816.

G. Deneale Cc



Negroe Maria a pauper
William Meade

This Process came to hand too late to Execute
D Minor DM
for W Boyd Marshall


102. Rep:

On the petition of Negroe Marie setting forth that she is illegally detained in Slavery by William Meade, It is ordered that Thomson F. Mason be assigned her as Counsel to report a statement of the facts of the case, which being filed, leave is granted her to commence a suit in forma pauperis for her freedom and it is ordered that she be committed to the Custody of the Marshal until the said William Meade shall give Bond & Security as the Law directs, conditioned to have the said pauper forthcoming to answer the Judgment of the Court

1816 December [illegible] Cap.

1817 January Continued

March Continued
May. Continued
July Continued
Sept Cont
Novr Continued

Novr. Term 17th day
Jno: confd. [illegible] of Inqry awarded and Jury sworn &c and find for the Deft. for want of sufficient evidence as to residence of Capt. Clarke and on pltff motion a new trial is granted and suit contd.

1818 Apl. Term Contd.

1818 November Term
non pros:

Order 26 Atto 8 $.44
Jud 18 C 18 T Cro Cro[?] .76
Atty fee 5