Chloe Ann Marter v. Elizabeth Neale. Complaint


District of Columbia
County of Alexandria to wit.

Cloe Ann Marter and her child Mary Ann complain of Elizabeth Neale in custody &c. for this that the said Elizabeth on the day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, with force and arms, to wit, with clubs and staves, upon them the said plaintiffs, at the County aforesaid, did make an assault, and did, then and there, beat, wound, imprison and evil entreat the said plaintiffs, and them the said plaintiffs so imprisoned against the will of the said plaintiffs, without any reasonable cause, and against the laws and customs of the United States for a long time, to wit, for the space of more than on year; kept and detained, and other injuries to them then and there did, against the peace   peace of these United States, and to the damage of the said plaintiffs five hundred dollars, and therefore they bring suit, &c.

A. Fitzhugh pq

J. Doe
R. Roe Pledges &c.

We of the jury find the deft. guilty and asses the plfs. damages to one cent subject to the opinion of the Court on the demurrer to evidence Joined in this case.

W Towe[?]

Negro Cloe & child
Elizth. Neale