Daniel v. Ann Kincheloe. Agreement


Negro Daniel
Anne Kincheloe

It is agreed in this case that the Petr: shall remain in jail for safe keeping until Mr Swann shall write to FSKey or A. Taney stating that the Deft hath complied with the terms upon which by consent the verdict is taken in this cause.

Which terms are as follows

The Petr: shall be sold to a respectable & settled resident in Alexa: Coty: in this District, who shall be known to be such to T. Swann, upon condition that he be kept within the District of Cola: & never sold thereout, unless T. Swann & FSKey shall concur in stating that they are satisfied the Petr: from his bad conduct & character deserves no longer the benefit of this restriction. And such Purchaser shall [strikethrough] satisfy the said T. Swann that he makes the said purchaser fairly & bonâ fide subject to these [strikethrough] conditions.

May 4th 1822.

Tho Swann for the claimants
FSKey for Petr: