Daniel v. Ann Kincheloe. Petition for Injunction


Ann Kintcheloe appears as defendant

The Petition of Negro Daniel shews to your honors that he is a Petitioner for his freedom against a certain       Ballard as appears by the certificate herewith exhibited. Your Petitioner shews, that he is now forcibly held by       Legge & others who are now about to carry him away from this District & to prevent him from having a trial. Your Petitioner states & can prove that the said     Legge & others are now in the act of tying him & taking[?] him off by free.     Legge & others are negro buyers. Your Petitioner therefor prays an injunction to issue to said Legge & others prohibiting them from taking your Petitioner from this county with proper security to guarantee their compliance.

Jno. Marlborough makes oath to the truth of the facts stated in this Petition.


Let an Injunction issue as prayed
B. Thurston
Col. Brent
18th Jany 1822

Ann Kintchelow appears as Deft. [strikethrough] & pleds that Petr is Mr Brent make up the a slave & her property
Petr replies that he is free
Jurors released[?]
FS Key for Pe
H. Ashton