Amelia Ward v. Elias B. Caldwell. Petitioner's Interrogatories to Walter H. Middleton


Intergies: to Walter H. Middleton.

1. When & by whom were you informed of the condition under which you state Amelia was taken to Fredksburg?

2. Did When & by whom were you first informed of her dissatisfaction in Fredksburg - If by Petr: what did she say.

3. From whom did you obtain the information relative to the agreement of Hy. O. Middleton that she should return & get a master in the Distt. were you present at that agreement & what was it?

4. Where did she stay in Fredrksburg or the neighbourhood & how long after such agreement & the order for her to come to Washington?

5. When & where was she sold or disposed of to Mr Caldwell?

FS Key for Petr.


Amelia v. Caldwell

580 417

Octr. term 1823.

filed 2d May 1823