Harriet Young et al. v. Alexander Tolson. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon. The Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia.

The Petition of Harriet Young, Margaret Anne Young, William Georgiana Francis Young & Sarah J. Young negroes residing and being in the City of Washington humbly sheweth that they are and of right ought to be entitled to their freedom; but the further declare that they are unlawfully held and kept in slavery by one Alexander Tolson who without right or any just pretension claims to possess and keep them, as his slaves; they pray therefore that he the said Alexander Tolson may be strictly enjoined, and by your Honours prohibited from taking or assuming any further claim, or control of your petitioners; and that a writ to that effect may be issued from your Honourable court, and duly served upon him, the said Tolson: And your petitioners further pray that their just claim to freedom may be ascertained and duly asserted by the proper decree of your Honours, in your said Court: all which your said petitioners humbly pray, by their attorney,

D. A. Hall.


369. 256 257 217 194 157 193 199

Harriet Young (negro)
& Wm. Francis Young,
Margaret Young
Sarah J. Young
Alexander Tolson.

Petition for Freedom.

Filed 20t Decr. 1858.