Mary Lucinda Someby v. Samuel E. Douglass. Deposition of David A. Hall


David A. Hall being duly sworn doth depose and say that he has on a recent inspection of the Jail List, or Docket kept at the Jail of Washington County, ascertained that on the 10th day of October 1854 S. Douglas of the City of Washington did by his own order, cause Lucinda Someby, a coloured girl, to be committed to the said Jail, and that she remained therein until the 25 June 1855, at which time, she was at the order of the said Douglas released from the said jail.

And this deponent further saith that some time during the last summer, and as he thinks early in July 1855, he was informed and verily believes that the said Douglas did, at or about the time [illegible] he withdrew the said Lucinda from the said Jail, sell and dispose of her, to some person or person who have removed her out of the District of Columbia, and beyond the jurisdiction of this Hon. Court.

And this deponent further saith that after the said Lucinda was lodged in jail as aforesaid, to [illegible] on the 14th day of Oct. 1854, she the said Lucinda filed her petition in this court claiming her freedom; and that a writ was thereupon issued and served on the said Douglas, the service whereof was acknowledged by him, the same writ being returnable to the third Monday of Oct. 1854.

David A. Hall.

Sworn to in open Court
Test Jno. A. Smith clk
16th Jany 1856