Mary Lucinda Someby v. Samuel E. Douglass. Order to Show Cause


Lucinda Sumby
Samuel E. Douglass

Petition for freedom
Rule to Show Cause &c

The motion for an attachment for contempt having been agreed by Counsel, and considered by the Court, it is now in this seventeenth day of January 1856, ordered That the said defendant Douglass, be & he is ordered to bring into Court on the first day of the next term, the body of the said petitioner Lucinda, and in order that [strikethrough] she may be present at her trial & within the Jurisdiction & protection of the Court and have the opportunity of employing [strikethrough] the proper means in the prosecution of her suit, and the rule to shew cause why an attachment of contempt should not issue against said Douglas is continued untill the 1st day of the next Term of this Court.

By order of the Court.