Susan Vigel v. Henry Naylor. Summons of Henry Naylor


District of Columbia, to wit:
The United States of America,
To Henry Naylor, administrator of George Naylor, Greeting:

You are hereby cited and admonished to be and appear at a Supreme Court of the United on the first Monday in December next, pursuant to a writ of error filed in the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, sitting for the County of Washington wherein Susan Vigel is plaintiff in Error and you are defendant in error, to shew cause if any there be, why judgment rendered against the said Susan Vigel in the said Writ of error mentioned should not be corrected, and why speedy justice should not be done to the parties in this behalf

Witness the Hon: James Dunlop Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia this 31st day of December 1858.

Jas. Dunlop