Susan Vigel v. Henry Naylor. Writ of Error


The United States of America:
The President of the United States, to the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, sitting for the County of Washington.

Because in the record and proceedings, as also in the rendition of the judgment of a plea which is in the said Court before you or some of you, wherein Susan Vigel is plaintiff, and Henry Naylor, administrator of George Naylor, is defendant, a manifest error hath happened to the great damage of the said plaintiff, as by her Complaint appears; we being willing that error if any hath been, should be duly corrected, and full and speedy justice done to the parties aforesaid in this behalf, do command you if judgment be therein given, that under you seal distinctly and openly you send the record and proceeding aforesaid, with all things concerning the same, to the Supreme Court of the United States, together with this writ, so that you have the same at Washington on the first Monday of December next, in said Supreme Court to be then and there held; and that the record and proceedings aforesaid being inspected, the said Supreme Court may cause further to be done therein to correct that error, which of right and according to the laws and custom of the United States should be done.

Witness the Hon Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice of said Supreme Court.

Issued this     day of       185  .

Jno. A. Smith Clk


Writ of Error

Filed 31st Decr 1858