Susan Vigel v. Henry Naylor and Mary Vigel v. Robert K. Nevitt. Motion for New Trial


In the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia

Susan Vigle
Henry Naylor admr. of George Naylor deceased

Mary Vigle
Robt K. Nevitt

Motion for New trial

And the petitioners in the above entitled causes comes & moves the court to set aside the verdicts rendered therein & grant a new trial for for the following reasons

1 Because the court erred in excluding legal[?] testimony offered by the petitioner

2 Because the verdict is against the [illegible] of Evidence in the case

3 Because the said petitioners did not have a fair trial.

M. Blair
for petitioners


1001-2 Trials

Susan Vigle vs
Henry Naylor Admr

Mary Vigle
Robt K Nevitt

Motion for new trial

Filed 26 November 1858