Anne v. Elisha W. Williams. Petition for Freedom


To the Honble the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington

The Petition of Negro Anne of Washington County humbly sheweth that she is a free person & unjustly held in bondage by a certain Elisha W. Williams of Washington County & she therefore prays your Honors that as she is entitled to her freedom a subpoena may be issued to the said Elisha W. Williams commanding her to appear & answer hereunto & that your Honors will grant such relief in the premises to your Petitioner as to your Honors seem proper & careful.

J S Morsell

F S Key for Petr.



Negro Anne
Elisha W. Williams

Wm Brent
Filed it & issue sbpa.
F S Key.

filed 20th Apl 1811.

Sub issd. 20. April 1811