John Davis v. Hezekiah Wood. Agreement


It is proved that by the practice of the Courts in Maryland in cases of Petitions for freedom no other fact is put in issue, nor are the Jury charged to enquire into others, than the freedom or slavery of the petitioner at the time. of And that in the General & County Courts of said State a determination of one Jury or Court in favor or against a Petitioner was never considered as conclusive upon the descendants of said Petitioners or the defendants.

The Defts in this case may prove the above by the certificates of clerks & affidavits of other persons in Maryland. If the court shall be of opinion it be will would have [illegible] in this court

Apl. 13. 1810/

E J Lee
FS Key



John T. & M. Davis
Hezh. Wood

agret. of Counsel

F S Key & E J Lee