John Davis v. Hezekiah Wood. Docket Sheet


John Davis Terissa Davis & Mary Ann Davis
Hezekiah Wood

P. P.

June Term 1809

Marsh ret. sumd 2nd 2 March 1809
recog. with Saml. McIntire
penality $800. contd.

for trying the issue aforesaid let a Jury It was ordered that a jury therein appear. thereupon, being [illegible] & caled[?] came, and who being empanneled &c sworn & c.

Decr. 1809

Deft. appears by Key. Plff in addition E J Lee
Plea not free & issue[?]
Jury sworn Ver. for Pet.
except: agreet. by counsel
Writ of error citation

do not prevent the said Petitioners from attending this court from time to time &c.

that the said John, Terrissa and Mary ann. Davis are entitled to their freedom being the children of Susan Davis a person free born as the said petitioner John &c. hath above by by their pet alledged, Therefore it is Considered by the Court