John Davis v. Hezekiah Wood. Summons of Hezekiah Wood


District of Columbia to wit
The United States of America To the Marshal of the District of Columbia Greeting:

You are hereby commanded to summon Hezekiah Wood th of the County of Washington that all excuses and delays set apart he be and appear before the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia to be held in and for the County of Washington at the city of Washington on the first monday in June next shew and the answer the petition for freedom, of John Davis, Terrissa Davis and Mary Ann Davis, which they have this day exhibited in the said Court against him. and further to

Hereof fail not at your peril and have you then and there this writ. Witness the Honble. Wm Cranch Esquire Chief Judge of the said Court the 4th day of February 1809. Issued the 28th Feby. 1809.

Wm Brent Clk



79 236.

John Davis, Terrissa Davis and Mary Ann Davis
Hezekiah Wood


Petition for freedom

Sumd. 2 March 1809

W Boyd Marshal

under the opinion and instructions of the Court, we the Jury find for the petitioners.